Sean B. Los Angeles, CA, 11/13/2015

Carl rocks! He came out to trouble shoot what I thought was a dead animal in our basement or walls or something. He responded quickly to my call, was super friendly and knowledgable, did a thorough inspection and did a great job trouble shooting our issue even though it turned out to be something unrelated to pests.

Caryn F. Los Angeles, CA, 2/18/2015

GREAT JOB getting rid of my flea problem!!! I can’t believe they are gone! Javier was amazing he had to come to my house several times but they are gone!!!!!! Javier was super sweet and professional. I called two places I found off of yelp and Javier was so honest with his answers to me. I went with them. I am so glad I did.
I highly recommend bugs A to Z.

Kamran N. Los Angeles, CA, 12/14/2015

I hired this company to get rid of rats at my mother’s condo, after my mother called me, I went to take a look. There was rat droppings in the bathroom, which was disguising. This drove my mother crazy, since she is a very clean person Home owner association at her condo hired an exterminator to get rid of the rats, but they were unable to do it after 2 visits. I called this company, they showed up right away and found the place that rats were getting in. They sealed the hole and set some traps. They told me that the problem was most likely taken care of, but they leave the traps just in case. After they left, there was no more rats or rat droppings. I am thankful to Bugs a to z for what they did for my mother.

Erin K. Los Angeles, CA, 11/14/2015

Carl came out to our home for a black widow/wolf spider issue about a month ago. He was on time, courteous and honest. He recommended a spray that would be pet friendly, since our dog is sensitive and curious. Carl was experienced, knowledgeable and thorough. I researched many companies and by far Bugs A to Z were the most competitive in pricing. They were also good about keeping appointments and communicated thoroughly with us before and after our appointment. Carl is wonderful and this company has earned our business for many years to come. We are happy to report that we haven’t seen any spiders in our home or under our patio furniture since the spraying. If you call and don’t get someone, it’s because they are very busy and very popular. Call again! You’ll be glad you did.

Mike J. Los Angeles, CA, 3/25/2015

No wonder why these guys keep getting great reviews. I called because I had roach problems in my kitchen .
Xavier showed up the next day . After spraying the first time , 75% was gone.
Xavier followed up and sprayed again few weeks later and the problem was cured completely. Best Pest Control Co. I’ve ever dealt with. Fast , always there to listen to your concerns …Joe & Xavier are great , professional work all the way.

J W. Los Angeles, CA, 10/6/2015

Joe was excellent, efficient, and knowledgeable in addition to being an all-around nice guy!

Eric D. Los Angeles, CA, 9/8/2015

Howard is very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to have as our “pest guy.” He does a great job and we have set up quarterly visits. Thanks!

Bob L. Los Angeles, CA, 8/6/2015

Great experience with this company. They called back promptly, came out the next day, and removed the wasp’s nest that we had found outside our garage. What I really appreciated is that when he got to our home, he found 3 other nests that I never knew about, and took care of those as well for the original price he had quoted. Very nice. Very professional. Highly recommended.

Stephanie S. Los Angeles, CA, 8/28/2015

I can’t say enough great things about Javier. What a sweetheart. We moved into our house last October and had a terrible ant problem. Javier came out and sprayed and the ants were gone in a day. It is now August, and I am JUST now seeing a few ants on the window sill, mainly due to it being so hot and dry. With almost a year and NO BUGS, I’d say he’s worth every penny. We had him come out again to spray. Javier was super flexible and on time and very fast. Please do yourself a favor and go with these guys. You’ll be bug free, guaranteed.

Julie S. Los Angeles, CA, 8/25/2015

Have used them for almost a year now and have had no bug issues! Our tech Howard is great with communicating and taking care of any specific issues we have. We’ve had hornets, ants, crickets…not any more! Highly recommend them!

Chance H. Los Angeles, CA, 10/14/2015

So weird. I totally remember writing a review of this place, but alas, I do not see it here.

Ah well, I am afraid I’m mostly going to repeat what has already been said: these guys are top notch. The best part is they are kind, the 2nd best part is what they do to your house works without question.

We had ant and cricket issues. The crickets were in the ceiling (imagine that at night), and the ants were in the kitchen completely overwhelming anything that appeared a plate in need of cleaning.

Bugs A to Z treatment of our house wasn’t just an improvement; it was a complete decimation of the problem. Combine that with the ethics of their environmentally friendly products, and the decision to use them is very very easy.

Highly recommend.

Ilana O. Los Angeles, CA, 4/9/2015

Amazing! I called, they got me in within a couple of days, they showed up on time, they were at least $40 cheaper than other places. Definitely recommend. ETA: been two weeks and the bugs are definitely gone. Great job Howard!

Bruno V. Los Angeles, CA, 10/25/2015

We recently had a rodent problem and Carl took care of it in a few visits. He was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to find the places around my home where mice where getting in. He was able to catch 6 mice in 3 days and did a great job in sealing all the holes around my home. I would recommend bugs a to z to anyone in a heartbeat.

Jourdan K. Los Angeles, CA, 8/25/2015

Just from the start we knew Bugs A to Z was going to be a lot better than our previous monthly pest service Hydrex. Our property has it’s share of creepy crawly’s, but we just can’t stand the spiders and the crickets. Hydrex never wanted to go into our house’s crawl space to check for anything living. Their spray didn’t seem to be doing a great job of killing much of anything in my yard. Our tech Carl arrived for our first appointment and instantly made a huge difference. He walked around pointing out areas that can be breeding grounds for crickets, especially under loose bricks. His past work in construction really helped as he pointed out areas we should touch up to seal up holes much better. He went into the crawl space to confirm nothing was living up there. The spray is so much more powerful and you could see the critters run for the hills just from the first spraying. Additionally when he comes over now monthly for our scheduled spraying, he cleans any spiderwebs from the eaves and really takes his time. The invoice even states what time he arrived and what time he left. Those are very important details that no previous company provided me. Trust me, go with these guys, they deserve your business. They have a much smaller footprint than the “big guys” and will provide you a much better one on one relationship.

Pieter S. Los Angeles, CA, 06/06/2015

There’s a good reason why these guys have such great reviews!
Javier came over to inspect our bedrooms for… bugs… and he was very friendly and incredibly thorough with his assessment.
He did not try to sell us anything we didn’t need and we very upfront.
No doubt I’ll be calling him again if I ever need a bug guy!

Tom J. Los Angeles, CA, 9/3/2015

Joe the owner was quick to respond when I noticed the typical SFV brown widow swarm on the outside of my house after dark. Carl came over the next day and did a great job. Plus he’s a great guy! He just came back for the second scheduled spray and I haven’t seen a widow since. Bugs A to Z = no widows! Also reasonably priced!

Julie L. Los Angeles, CA, 11/10/2014

What do you look for in a business for major services? Well, these are what we want and got: reliable, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and of course successful work done aka pests gone. We utilized their services for spiders and for bees.
Say “hasta la vista” (see ya later) to those critters in your home- that is, if ya call Bugs A to Z.

Chance H. Los Angeles, CA,10/14/2014

So weird. I totally remember writing a review of this place, but alas, I do not see it here.
Ah well, I am afraid I’m mostly going to repeat what has already been said: these guys are top notch. The best part is they are kind, the 2nd best part is what they do to your house works without question.
We had ant and cricket issues. The crickets were in the ceiling (imagine that at night), and the ants were in the kitchen completely overwhelming anything that appeared a plate in need of cleaning.
Bugs A to Z treatment of our house wasn’t just an improvement; it was a complete decimation of the problem. Combine that with the ethics of their environmentally friendly products, and the decision to use them is very very easy.
Highly recommend.

Alex B. North Hollywood, CA, 9/22/2014

Called them 3 times over the past 2 years having issues with ants and spiders. They always came on time and delivered what they promised on consultation.
They also came back at no charge just to check that my ant problem was taken care of for good.
The technician always provided me with friendly service and I never thought they were out to get me and make a couple of extra bucks.
Highly recommended!

Nita G. Northridge, CA,

I hate bugs and spray my home inside and out every six months. To my surprise -some how we ended up w a german roach issue. Nothing over the counter worked. Even the ones that said they worked on small roaches. I finally gave in and called Bugs A to Z. I waited to write the review b/c i wanted to make sure they were gone. Its now 3 months since we were sprayed and we are still clear. Any bug issues, call these guys. No high pressure sales and they get the Job done.

Avi G.Los Angeles, CA,5/14/2014

My wife and I just bought our first house and about a day after moving in we discovered we had a pretty serious ant and spider problem. We decided to contact Bugs A to Z due to the positive reviews on Yelp and I’m happy we did.
The techincian took the initial call. When it didn’t look like he could schedule an appointment for the following day, he said he’d try and talk to some of the techs to see if anyone could squeeze us in and call me back. Not even 15 minutes later, he called me back to confirm a next day appointment.
Our tech, Javier was easy going, professional, and efficient. He told us exactly what he was going to do, and was in and out quickly. There were no surprise charges, upselling, or anything that remotely resembled shady behavior. We paid the price we’d been quoted for the service we expected.
Most importantly, the spraying has made a huge impact. We no longer feel like we’re living on an ant hill. And we noticed the difference within 24 hours.
Since we were really with that initial service, we decided to hire Bugs A to Z again to help us rodent proof the crawl space and attic.
I fully expect that Bugs A to Z will become our regular Pest Control company from here on out.

Jamie G.VALLEY VILLAGE, CA, 6/14/2014

We moved into our house at the end of April and haven’t had a peaceful night of sleep due to the loudest crickets ever. One visit from Bugs A to Z a week ago and we’ve been sleeping like babies. Joe was so sweet and helpful. THe price was right on. And offered to come back and spray for free if they didn’t get them. BUT THEY GOT THEM. I would recommend them to everyone!


Anita G. Los Angeles, CA. 09/15/2014

This is a great company–one that you can trust and rely on–they arrive as quickly as possible and come back when they say they will. And, they are caring and compassionate. What more can you ask? Joe came out and helped with outdoor ant problem and garage full of spiders and who know what other insects! Then, six months later Javier came and confirmed the fleas that were outside and moving indoors fast! We could see them hopping around! We had to move my 98 year old bedridden father out of the house along with his recliner in order to tackle the fleas inside the house. Javier was so wonderful and caring and patient. And, no more fleas!!

Maria O. , Culver City, CA, 8/18/2014

I highly recommend Bugs A to Z., being with them for 3 years, I am a happy customer. The results are immediate and long lasting. Thank you so much Bugs A to Z!

Mimi R.,Redondo Beach, CA, 9/3/2014

Came home to indoor ant issues last night. The first “Five Star” company I called this morning couldn’t come for three weeks!!! Gadzooks! That wasn’t going to work so next I called “A to Z” and over-the-moon happy I did. Joe was kind, professional and sent Javier out within two hours (I guess it helped he was in our vicinity). Javier was very polite, friendly and informative. He took to task telling the ants who was boss and gave me useful info on what to expect from here on out. Great service and great experience. Thanks Joe and Javier! When next the bugs come crawling, you’ll be who we’re calling!!

Eric W. , Los Angeles, CA,6/27/2014

I had what seemed to be a minor roach problem in my kitchen, and wanted an exterminator to come take a look in case things were about to get ugly. I called and spoke to owner, Joe, who told me he could be out the next day to check it out. Very convenient, as I was sure that the roaches were breeding by the hour.

The next day, Joe showed up with one of his guys and did a free inspection/diagnosis. After a thorough look around, they actually located the source of the problem, an opening in our trashcan where the roaches were nesting. Of course I threw the can out immediately, and they laid out a few glue traps to monitor any potential future roach activity- all of this completely free of charge! He said to call back if we saw anything in the following week or two, and also laid out all of my options/pricing for potential future solutions. However, I have yet to see another roach since they left, so I felt compelled to give them a 100% rating here. I would highly recommend Joe and ‘Bugs A-Z’ to anyone- extremely professional, friendly, and effective. Thanks!

Jeff Z., Los Angeles, CA, 8/21/2014

I called A to Z to deal with my ant problem. I left a message and they called me back within 3 minutes. While I didn’t hire them (my HOA has a vendor that they wanted to try first) Joe was great! Thank you so much for giving me the info that I needed.

Robert Bli, Woodland Hills, CA

The owner, is a super nice guy.
Te service is always very professional and thorough.
Easy to get an appointment, and always on-time.
I will continue using A to Z, for sure.

Joyce Liu. Pinole,

Anthony, our tech, helped us identify the source of our cockroach infestation and used non-toxic orange oil to eliminate the infestation. We have a young child and cat in the house so we wanted a solution that wouldn’t be toxic to them. Anthony was great! The oil was non-toxic, easy to clean after the infestation was cleared up, and non-intrusive. He discovered that the infestation was coming from the vent system at the bottom of the refrigerator.

We actually called in Bugs A to Z twice. The first time, our tech came and sprayed around corners and dark spaces with the non-toxic orange oil. After a week, when we discovered that we still had roaches, the tech returned and at no additional cost or charge, he sprayed again but this time under the refrigerator where he suspected the roaches were housed. The second spray did the job and we haven’t had a roach problem since.

Jill Ch. Oak Park



we had always had many crickets in our house to the point where we got used to them as if they were supposed to be there until friend told us to call a pest company. we looked on angieslist and decided to go with Bugs A to Z. Joe came and tookk care of it quickly and now I havent seen any crickets or ants for over a month now!!! thanks!!

It was a normal business experience we called company, the lady on the other end was pleasant. she collected our information and set the appointment. the gentleman arrived with a white truck went around the house sprayed something and did his thing. gave us some tips and that was it!