This company is great with one the best customer services in this field very quick and friendly. I highly recommend bugs a to z if you have rotten or any type of pest problem

    thumb Walter G.

      Couldn't get a real call back for an estimate. Guess they don't need new business. Called another pest company and got the job completed. The first return call called me sir, should have known not to try again after that.

    thumb Elizabeth B.

      Wow this company is Truly the best
    Joe is so professional and we can always count on his team to get the job done
    We manage
    Multiple commercial properties
    And Joe is always there to help us every step of the way courteous on time and reliable
    Recommend to all my Friends and family

    thumb Anthony R.

      Great service and Steve is always on time and great customer service. Honest guy and punctual.

    thumb Natalie A.

      My mom has used the services of Bugs A to Z for over 10 yeas.  The owner is honest, really nice, and does a great job.  He's worked at my house as well and never tries to over sell his services.

    thumb Elizabeth R.

      Joe came to remove bees under our shed.  He sprayed and then came back to check on them.  Sprayed again.  Evidently the hive is way under the shed and hard to reach.  That didn't stop Joe; he came back again and used two other treatments.  Now a day it is hard to find reputable people to work at your house, but we are very comfortable with Joe.  He is an honest and sincere man.

    thumb Carol K.

      Howard does a great job. Have been using them for a few years and have been very happy with their services. They do a thorough inspection and treatment and are on time.
    Highly recommended.

    thumb Martin H.

      We have used Bugs A to Z since we moved to the area 4 years ago and they are EXCELLENT!  We live in a wooded area and spiders are everywhere!  Joe and his team are fantastic.  We use the very reasonable bi-monthly service and every visit they thoroughly clean and spray the entire exterior of our house.  We have many areas that are hard to reach and a wooden structure that is on a downslope and Bugs A to Z completely keeps that area free of spiders as well.  They have responded to an ant infestation and got rid of them on the first visit!  We have worked with both Jim and Howard and they are top notch.  HIGHLY recommend their services.  Friendly, courteous and professional.

    thumb Vanessa L.

      The first time Howard came out to spray for spiders he did an awesome job. Then, the next time we had another guy come out and he was just okay. Then, I called and the owner was going to come and I told him that was fine but that I wanted to be sure the job was done thoroughly as it had been the first time. Instead of coming to make sure the job was done correctly, he sent Howard who is very nice and professional but the job was just so-so. I am not sure if I will give this company a fourth chance because 1/3 is not a great record. This is the kind of service we need annually or bi-annually but I may look elsewhere.

    thumb E P.

      I can't say enough about Carl from Bugs A to Z.  He has been diligent in getting rid of my gopher issue and has even helped me with my disgusting rat issue outside.  He follows through with his promise to return regularly and get rid of the spiders that took over the dark corners of my yard.  I would highly recommend Bugs A to Z and if you get Carl, you will be VERY happy!

    thumb Nicole R.

      Other than a slight miscommunication in timing Carl was awesome. Took care of a wasp nest and sprayed my house for pests and I haven't had any issue with them coming back. Very fair price as well.

    thumb A M.

      Best company in town! They removed all gophers from our yard! If they come back joe said he would be here to take care of them! Hes a magician! Thanks!

    thumb Eric C.

      Carl, thanks alot man! Removed 2 beehives at my construction site , didn't have to delay any progress saved me time and money.

    Completed our request in the exact time you explained thanks bro

    thumb Danny S.

      Carl was very professional and came on time for his appointment. He explained in details what needs to be done and give me good info how to keep house safe from insects. And price was very reasonable- I found great company and would highly recommend them to my friends

    thumb Marina A.

      I have been using Bugs A to Z for over a year and they have been responsive and helped me with whatever bug problems I had. For the past couple of months they have been hard to get a hold of. I would call the office and leave a message and I would not get a call back for days. Sometimes Joe would pick up and say someone will contact me and sometimes no one does. And when they do contact me they can't tell me when they can come out. It is hard to be loyal to them when I have bug problems for months and they aren't being responsive.

    thumb Chickie H.

      Thank you Carl for always ensuring our babies are safe at home with no critters!

    thumb Abby D.

      The first time I used Joe a few years ago and his services were fabulous.  He is extremely knowledgable about bugs and rodents.  I live in the Fernando Valley that has a lot of trees and bugs ( ants, crickets, SPIDERS, lizards) and wildlife (gofers, raccoons , squirrels, etc.)   I told him over the phone about droppings and he knew right away what the were from.  Everything was completely gone in two weeks.  I just recently found something again.  Hw gave me excellent service.     He is also very friendly.  I trust him.

    thumb Trudie F.

      Bugs A to Z is incredibly reliable, professional, and with friendly service to boot! I have dealt with everyone from their office manager to the owner, and every employee is caring and knowledgeable. Shout out to Howard and Joe, who have kept my home pest free for the last several months. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

    thumb Sevahn S.

      I have been using them for over 4 years now and they were doing a good job.  We had them come out for a quarterly service.  They use to be prompt and call us when the time eas due.  As of lately we don't get calls anymore from them.  I have called them and left several messages regarding our service calls or lack there of.  They returned any of my calls. Their new customer service sucks!!!   Now I have to find a new pest control service.

    thumb Natt N.

      EXCELLENT! Great same-day service!  I called several bee companies and none were available same-day to assist with bees swarming in my house and yard.  I called Bugs A to Z, left a voice mail and Joe returned my call within 15 minutes.  He was at my house a couple hours later and took care of the problem.  HIGHLY recommend their services.  Friendly, fun and professional.

    thumb Jason R.

      I called yesterday (Friday) to setup an initial spray and routine service for a spider problem in my yard, and Howard came out on his day off today to start my initial service. I'm very impressed with this company's customer service and thankful that I contacted them. Plus, out of every company that I called Bugs A to Z is the most reasonably priced.

    thumb Kristin W.

      Unfortunately, not my best experience.  About a couple of months ago, I called, and they showed up to give their recommendation on a roach problem we had, and I told them I'd call them back to confirm my husband's approval on cost.  I called back 3 times and never heard from them again.

    thumb Bonnie K.

      Joe was quick to respond. We had an bad smell in our garage and wonder if it is a dead animal. We are rushing to go out-of town. Joe is the only one that's willing to stop by for a quick inspection for us. He was nice and professional, I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

    thumb Candice W.

      Called left a voicemail and Joe called me back within 5 minutes and gave me an appointment. He was very helpful and talked about few of my options. Super nice guy!!!

    thumb Romela K.

      Joe was quick to respond, professional, thorough and extremely effective.  Highly recommended!!

    thumb Regina M.

      I used this company's services for a seasonal treatment of my property for roaches, once a couple years ago. And I must say I was happy with the results. The exterminator (Joe?) sprayed near and far around the building, even the borders of the lot. Then he did a few minor treatments of some kind inside. And that year, compared to the year before, there were too few roaches seen outside to speak of, and none inside, thankfully. And the number of crickets around went down too. I'd gladly recommend A to Z to anyone in the area.

    thumb David R.

      My daughter was being eaten alive by a type of bug in our home but we didn't know what from. I called and had a couple great interactions with the receptionist who answers the phone--she was great--answered all my questions and was very friendly. We had a technician over for an inspection and I told him what we were experiencing and that even though my pediatrician suspected bed bugs we've seen no signs of them but I have seen a few little black jumping bugs that I thought maybe were fleas (we have no pets). He looked at the beds and the pillows but saw no traces of bed bugs. He completely dismissed my thought of fleas and talked more about bed bugs and their habits and where they hide and how much the treatment would be, though he didn't physically check all those spots and never checked outside my home, either. Though he didn't push for the bed bug treatment and suggested we first spray Lysol around to see if that helps (if the problem was rat or bird mites), he left me still without any answers. I called another exterminator who listened to my thoughts about the fleas and luckily I had been able to capture one on my foot in a piece of tape just before he arrived to show him. He confirmed it was a flea and then inspected my entire house inside and out, and within minutes showed me where a nocturnal animal had been coming and going on the side of my house and explained how we got the fleas. He same back to spray inside and outside of my house and fixed the panel where whatever animal that had been there had been hiding so nothing can get in anymore. Disappointed that the A to Z technician didn't bother inspecting everywhere and completely missed the problem even though my hunch ended up being correct. An inspection should be incredibly thorough when you don't know what kind of bugs you're dealing with.

    thumb Lauren W.

      No more spiders or ants thanks to these guys!  My husband and I bought our home in Winnetka a year ago, and it was home to many spiders before we moved in.  Webs all around outside, dead spiders inside... Being an arachnophobe, that was not going to work for me.  There was also a trail of ants leading into the place.  I found Bugs A to Z on this site and was put in touch with Carl.  He was able to come out very quickly.  He explained everything so well, got rid of all those disgusting webs around my house and sprayed the exterior.  

    To this day we have no spiders (not even in the garage!) and the ants have never returned.  We have had no other bug issues either.  We have the house treated every 2 months and Carl is always right on schedule.  It's so nice not to have to look up at doorways or corners wondering if a spider will be waiting there!  A big fat thank you again to Carl and Bugs A to Z!

    thumb Jacob S.

      We had concerns about bugs in our place and called them up to see about an evaluation.  They set up one for the following day, much quicker than I expected.

    When their guy Steve Moore showed up, he evaluated our home and explained everything in great detail.  Not only a total professional, but incredibly knowledgeable about all the possibilities of what we might have and how to handle it.  

    I couldn't be more impressed with him and with Bugs A to Z. Really top notch service that other businesses could learn from.

    thumb Patrick G.

      On behalf of the company i work for, IT Creations, I am pleased with this company's service. We had an awful roach problem and after they exterminated our building, and came by every month for a year to upkeep, i can say with relief the roaches are gone!

    Hopefully there won't be a necessity... but till next time Bugs A to Z!

    thumb Nataliya C.

      Joe is a lifesaver. We had rats and he immediately identified the problem and we've been rat free since.   He came out immediately and has been out a bunch of times since.  You're crazy not to use him.

    thumb David F.

      We have used Bugs A to Z over the past several years to get rid of ants, mice, skunks and raccoons (sheesh, you'd think we lived on a farm instead of the city of LA!).

    Mostly recently, Carl came out to deal with a bee problem. Carl is always professional and friendly, and he thoroughly explains the pest issue and what he plans to do to contain it. In this instance, the bee "problem" was actually just a part of nature. There was no hive on our property, but the heat as well as the new flowers forming in our yard caused a proliferation of bees. Although Carl recommended no action at this time, we appreciated him coming out to give us his opinion (and, of course, he charged no fee for this service call). I appreciate that Carl has a healthy respect for the environment - he did not recommend spraying the bees because they would take the poison back to their hive and likely kill their entire community of honey bees - a species that is endangered right now.

    Since our neighbors were the ones who complained about the bees - as if we had actually put them there on purpose - Carl was nice enough to contact them directly to explain the bee issue and his recommendation. He went above and beyond!

    Thank you, Carl, for handling our pest problems and also our neighborhood relations!

    thumb Bridget K.

      Joe is simply amazing! I called him about a bad roach issue- a really bad roach issue. Joe came in and sprayed for a long while, and came back again twice afterwards. His prices are the best. His service is incredible. But most of all, he's a real mentsch. He sincerely wants to help and he's not satisfied until he has resolved the problem. He's my go-to exterminator and I will continue to recommend him to all my friends in the future!

    thumb Mark A.

      Joe the owner actually did the job. He was prompt showing up on a Saturday morning and followed up a week later just to double check on things. I live in an apartment and was having ant issues and Joe discovered the ants were surrounding the entire apartment, so he actually sprayed for the entire building. Havent seen an ant since, and I'm sure my neighbors havent either. Joe was very entertaining for both his visits and if I ever have any other issues with bugs he will be the only one I call.

    thumb Courtney P.

      I was having an ant infestation for about a month in my shower but instead of hiring an exterminator I just would spray the area with black flag and when that didn't work I sprayed apple cider vinegar. That worked a little but then I would still have ants coming inside my shower and bathroom on really hot days. Finally I decided it was time to call in a professional. Based on positive Yelp reviews, I contacted Bugs A to Z and Joe got back to me very quickly on the phone and I was able to set up an appointment. Jerry was my tech and wow was he nice and very professional. We discussed natural vs chemical extermination. While the natural product would kill the ants, it would not stop new ones from returning. I have a dog so I was concerned about spraying chemicals in my yard or home. He compared what they use as being similar to flea treatment so I was less concerned with the chemical choice and decided to go that route since it's more effective at stopping the ant invasion. After walking around the property, Jerry discovered even more ants that I realized we had. They were everywhere! Crawling on perimeter lines and up walls and finding ways from the outside into cracks and then to my bathroom. I also had extra special rare odorous ants that Jerry had never seen before. They actually smell similar to pinesol. Jerry sprayed the perimeter and put bait inside the house in areas like window sills and in my shower. The ants take the poison bait and carry it to the queen and then the colony gets killed off. He told me there would probably be more ant activity for a few days as the bait drew them in but then it would die off. The extermination came with a 30 day free return to come spray or bait more if the ants were not gone. I did have the ants die off after about a week but then close to the end of the 30 days I had a small amount of activity in my shower again so Jerry returned to put more bait and even left me an extra bait in case I needed it. He also tipped me off that certain areas of my garden with dry cypress needles were perfect nesting areas for ants so I've since had my gardener clean up those areas to prevent any ant return. I highly recommend Bugs A To Z for bug extermination. Highly professional company that stands behind their work.

    thumb Lydia M.

      We contacted Bugs A to Z for cockroaches back in May and they were extremely quick to get back to us and schedule service. We have been really happy with the results. We have met both a technician and the owner and both have been extremely professional and friendly. Would recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service!

    thumb Brianne A.

      We have been using Bugs A to Z for years, both at our residence and our rental property. Top notch service always - effective, professional, polite and friendly. Have recommended them to many friends, family and neighbors.

    thumb Miranda C.

      We had some ant and mite issues after returning from a long vacation and called up Bugs A to Z. Carl came out and was very nice and personable. He sprayed with his 'organic' concoction and we haven't had any issues since!! We are very happy with his willingness to accommodate our schedule and thoroughness with his work!

    thumb Winnie S.

      I have had Bugs A to Z coming for about 4 years now.  Everyone is so friendly, from Katrina who calls me every 3 months for my service setup to Joe, Howard and Carl who are all just awesome.  They get right to work, clearing the eves, spraying every nook and cranny and throwing eco-friendly pellets on the lawn for those little bugs that bother my dogs.  They are efficient and I still pay the same price which is very reasonable.  Keep it up guys!  You rock!

    thumb Janet G.

      Bugs are gross. Unless you're like a hot entomologist (shout out to my X-Files peeps, her name is BAMBI?) you'll agree. But bugs are never grosser than when their numbers GROW AND GROW until you feel like the end of days has begun and it ends, not with zombies or nuclear winter, but with billions of tiny little legs moving as one.

    I've had Bugs A to Z come out to the house for regular protection for a few years now and I've always been blown away by how quickly they contain both the insane cricket population (I know they mean good luck in many cultures, but their sounds eat my brain so... no) that travels my neighborhood and totally eliminate the ants and roaches that tend to veer onto the property from the alley out back and the condo complex across the way.

    This year, likely due to the planet killing heat, I had some ants reoccur after the containment. What did they do? They sent someone back out, free of charge, because it was within 30 days of the treatment and they went all the way around the perimeter again. My tech even found the source of the ants and doubled down on the little buggers in their bunker.

    The other big pro? These guys have always honored the same price they gave me when I first became a customer years ago. I love a business who actually rewards customer loyalty--it warms my blackened little heart.

    It's a huge load off my mind whenever I know I have a "guy" for various life tasks. Many times I've happily told friends and strangers that "I've got a bug guy." These are my bug guys for life.

    thumb Angelica S.

      Fantastic service! I had a pesky ant problem in and around the house. I had called a few businesses, before deciding to go with Bugs A-Z. I was looking for an organic product thats safe to be used around my pets, a guarantee for the service and I didn't want to be enrolled in a 1 year contract. Joe was on time and took the time to show me the products he was using and its ingredients. He sprayed an organic Rosemary based product inside the house, which took care of the ants on contact, all while we were able to stay in the house and go about our business. Then he continued with the front and back yard, with a different product and recommended to keep the pets inside for 1 hour, until the product was dry. I haven't seen seen any ants since,  thank you, big relieve! Manuela

    thumb Manuela S.

      I cannot in good faith recommend anyone work with Bugs A to Z. After paying for monthly recurring services from this vendor, for over 6 months, the gopher and rodent problem were not resolved. I had particular issues of blatant unprofessionalism from the service technician Carl. He refused to show up at a consistent time and would not notify us that he was entering our backyard. This became a huge intrusion of our privacy. After we tried to bring these issues to the attention of the owner Carl engaged in spamming us with text messages. These text messages were very unwelcome and lengthy. The texts even continued after we explicitly requested he stop contacting us. I have never worked with a vendor and had such an experience. I felt compelled to document it because no one needs to go through the same experience.

    thumb Jacqueline K.

      I had an ant issue at my house. I called Bugs A to Z and they were very quick to get back to me. I got an appointment, Joe came and sprayed the exterior perimeter of my house. He was very nice and seemed really hardworking. It's been a few months and I'm still ant free!!

    Thank you!!

    thumb Terenig T.

      Called at 9am this morning and spoke to receptionist.  Told her I believe I have a rodent problem in my attic.   She told me a technician would call me back shortly to describe services and costs and they would get someone over to me during the day.   No call back.  So now it's 5.30pm and I called another service provider who is coming tomorrow morning at 8am.

    thumb Lisa W.

      Joe is the owner and the only one we would use.
    We had a couple of issues which he resolved to our satisfaction.

    thumb Kelly K.

      I've been using Joe and his team at Bugs A To Z for the past 6 years. They come every 3 moths for regular spraying. They're always polite, always do a great job, and always happy to answer any questions you might have about the little critters we hardly ever see.

    I just used them for a small fly problem we were having. Joe came and checked it out, no charge. What a guy!

    Highly recommend this service.

    thumb Joshua B.

      I love when businesses are owned by kind genuine and hard working individuals. That's how I felt when I met two different technicians from this company.

    We seemed to have had an ant problem since we live on hilI.

    I originally found them through Yelp. The technicians were honest and not pushy at all. Felt like they went the extra mile.

    Unfortunately, some ants came back about a month later so I called back and without hesitation scheduled to come back the next day for no extra charge.

    The communication was excellent.
    I would def recommend this company to anyone who needs an exterminator!

    thumb May B.

      So grateful for there excellent service in addressing our roach problem.  Provided information about solutions, was thorough, came back to ensure everything was taken care of properly.

    thumb Nicole W.

      Excellent job. Howard was very patient, very detailed and in time. He also looked very professional and very clean. Their prices are very affordable.  I highly recommend them. Joe, the owner, is great!! Great customer service.

    thumb Kathy R.

      GREAT JOB getting rid of my flea problem!!! I can't believe they are gone! Javier was amazing he had to come to my house several times but they are gone!!!!!!  Javier was super sweet and professional. I called two places I found off of yelp and Javier was so honest with his answers to me. I went with them. I am so glad I did.
    I highly recommend bugs A to Z.

    thumb Caryn F.

      I hired this company to get rid of rats at my mother's condo, after my mother called me,  I went to take a look. There was rat droppings in the bathroom, which was disguising. This drove my mother crazy, since she is a very clean person  Home owner association at her condo hired an exterminator to get rid of the rats, but they were unable to do it after 2 visits. I called this company, they showed up right away and found the place that rats were getting in. They sealed the hole and set some traps. They told me that the problem was most likely taken care of, but they leave the traps just in case. After they left, there was no more rats or rat droppings. I am thankful to Bugs a to z for what they did for my mother.

    thumb Kamran N.

      i used them a few times for my crickets problem.
    they are very fair with pricing.
    The tech was nice and friendly.
    it took them a while though to get back to me regarding my inquiry (few days).
    but overall good service.

    thumb Tom D.

      Carl came out to our home for a black widow/wolf spider issue about a month ago.  He was on time, courteous and honest.  He recommended a spray that would be pet friendly, since our dog is sensitive and curious.  Carl was experienced, knowledgeable and thorough.  I researched many companies and by far Bugs A to Z were the most competitive in pricing.  They were also good about keeping appointments and communicated thoroughly with us before and after our appointment.  Carl is wonderful and this company has earned our business for many years to come. We are happy to report that we haven't seen any spiders in our home or under our patio furniture since the spraying. If you call and don't get someone, it's because they are very busy and very popular. Call again! You'll be glad you did.

    thumb Erin K.

      They came out and I thought they got rid of my roach problem but I started seeing them again, so I called them back, but after three times with them not showing up, I gave up. The third time was for a 9AM appointment. When I called at 9:20, he said he would be there in a half hour. Hello?

    thumb Carine G.

      Carl rocks! He came out to trouble shoot what I thought was a dead animal in our basement or walls or something. He responded quickly to my call, was super friendly and knowledgable, did a thorough inspection and did a great job trouble shooting our issue even though it turned out to be something unrelated to pests.


    thumb Sean B.

      Left message with receptionist who was clueless.  No return call in 36 hours.

    thumb Harry K.

      We recently had a rodent problem and Carl took care of it in a few visits.  He was extremely  knowledgeable and knew exactly how to find the places around my home where mice where getting in.  He was able to catch 6 mice in 3 days and did a great job in sealing all the holes around my home.  I would recommend  bugs a to z to anyone in a heartbeat.

    thumb Bruno V.

      Joe was excellent, efficient, and knowledgeable in addition to being an all-around nice guy!

    thumb J W.

      Great service, great guys. After a sudden assault of ants we called Joe (they were swarming our kitchen, bath, bed, etc.; it was unreal). He carefully studied the house and exterior, then explained what he was going to do, what product he was using and why. He was sensitive to our concerns regarding pesticides and our 2yo + pets, which we appreciated, then he strategically sprayed around the exterior.  24 hours later...not a single ant in sight. Unbelievable. He worked quickly and went the extra mile. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    thumb R T.

      Howard is very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to have as our "pest guy."  He does a great job and we have set up quarterly visits.  Thanks!

    thumb Eric D.

      Joe the owner was quick to respond when I noticed the typical SFV brown widow swarm on the outside of my house after dark. Carl came over the next day and did a great job. Plus he's a great guy! He just came back for the second scheduled spray and I haven't seen a widow since. Bugs A to Z = no widows! Also reasonably priced!

    thumb Tom J.

      I can't say enough great things about Javier.  What a sweetheart. We moved into our house last October and had a terrible ant problem.  Javier came out and sprayed and the ants were gone in a day. It is now August, and I am JUST now seeing a few ants on the window sill, mainly due to it being so hot and dry.  With almost a year and NO BUGS, I'd say he's worth every penny.   We had him come out again to spray.  Javier was super flexible and on time and very fast.  Please do yourself a favor and go with these guys.  You'll be bug free, guaranteed.

    thumb Stephanie F.

      Have used them for almost a year now and have had no bug issues!  Our tech Howard is great with communicating and taking care of any specific issues we have.  We've had hornets, ants, crickets...not any more!  Highly recommend them!

    thumb Julie S.

      Just from the start we knew Bugs A to Z was going to be a lot better than our previous monthly pest service Hydrex.  Our property has it's share of creepy crawly's, but we just can't stand the spiders and the crickets.  Hydrex never wanted to go into our house's crawl space to check for anything living.  Their spray didn't seem to be doing a great job of killing much of anything in my yard.  Our tech Carl arrived for our first appointment and instantly made a huge difference.  He walked around pointing out areas that can be breeding grounds for crickets, especially under loose bricks.  His past work in construction really helped as he pointed out areas we should touch up to seal up holes much better.  He went into the crawl space to confirm nothing was living up there.  The spray is so much more powerful and you could see the critters run for the hills just from the first spraying.  Additionally when he comes over now monthly for our scheduled spraying, he cleans any spiderwebs from the eaves and really takes his time.  The invoice even states what time he arrived and what time he left.  Those are very important details that no previous company provided me. Trust me, go with these guys, they deserve your business.  They have a much smaller footprint than the "big guys" and will provide you a much better one on one relationship.

    thumb Jourdan K.

      If you live in the valley and need an exterminator, you should definitely call Bugs A to Z. We have been using Joe on a quarterly basis for years and he is always punctual.  He always provides excellent service and is concerned about doing the job correctly. If for some reason, the problem still persists, he's willing to come back out until it's resolved.  I also appreciate his congenial nature.  I don't know how many exterminators know your children's names, but ours does.  Bugs A to Z is definitely a local business worth supporting.

    thumb A J.

      After living with a pest issue for a number of months, we tried multiple approaches to get rid of those roaches. I asked the apartment manager to have their exterminator come in, which he did. Numerous times with no resolution. We used sprays and foggers and they just kept coming back. Enter Javier and A-Z Pest Control. Javier was very helpful in providing information about their procedures and explained why nothing we tried was working and why their methods work better than others. They came out the following day and the house did not smell like chemicals at all and right away I noticed the absence of roaches. Hallelujah!!! They were about 85-90% gone and that was even before the follow up visit (3 weeks later). Very professional, excellent service and totally worth every penny to be rid of those nasty bugs! Highly recommend them for any pest control needs! Thanks, guys! Me and my pup are bug-free and 100% satisfied!!!

    thumb Jen M.

      Great experience with this company. They called back promptly, came out the next day, and removed the wasp's nest that we had found outside our garage. What I really appreciated is that when he got to our home, he found 3 other nests that I never knew about, and took care of those as well for the original price he had quoted.  Very nice. Very professional. Highly recommended.

    thumb Bob L.

      Based on prior reviews on Yelp, I called Bugs A to Z when we started having a severe roach problem.  I had called on a holiday, and my call was returned first thing the following day.  Javier told us by phone what we needed to do to prep for his visit.  He came out on the day we arranged (and called ahead to confirm).  He was on time and very professional.  After the first visit we noticed a decrease in roaches.  Two weeks later, he came for the second treatment.  I had a few questions following that treatment, and he was responsive and friendly.  Having roaches in one's home is really horrific, but somehow Javier made the whole experience pleasant and reassuring.  I'm so glad we found Bugs A to Z.

    thumb Jill M.

      There's a good reason why these guys have such great reviews!
    Javier came over to inspect our bedrooms for... bugs... and he was very friendly and incredibly thorough with his assessment.
    He did not try to sell us anything we didn't need and we very upfront.

    No doubt I'll be calling him again if I ever need a bug guy!

    thumb Pieter S.

      I have never written a review, but I have to share the great service and job well done from Bugs A to Z. Javier was our technician who came out on 11/14 to help us with the roaches in our kitchen, and crickets outside our bedroom windows. Roaches are not something that are easy to get rid off especially when they multiply in your kitchen and come out with a vengeance at night. Our roach problem was bad. Javier told us to trust the process and the product and as hard as it was to believe we can be bug free, we definitely saw a diff w/ in a week, & in 2 weeks we were at 90%, & in 3 weeks we were 100% bug free. We could not express how happy we are of the work Javier did that got rid of all our bugs (including spiders). We just did a follow up appt w/ Javier this past weekend (5months after 1st appt) because I saw a 5-7 roaches returning and didn't want our horrible reoccurring issue we had to return. Thank you Bugs A to Z for doing a great job and having good customer service.

    thumb Cindy C.

      Amazing! I called, they got me in within a couple of days, they showed up on time, they were at least $40 cheaper than other places. Definitely recommend. ETA: been two weeks and the bugs are definitely gone. Great job Howard!

    thumb Ilana O.

      No wonder why these guys keep getting great reviews. I called because I had roach problems in my kitchen .
    Xavier showed up the next day . After spraying the first time , 75% was gone.
    Xavier followed up and sprayed again few weeks later and the problem was cured completely. Best Pest Control Co. I've ever dealt with. Fast , always there to listen to your concerns ...Joe & Xavier are great , professional work all the way.

    thumb Audi A.

      They did a great job for us & were always very responsive to our needs.  I highly recommend them!

    thumb Joel L.

      Joe is very professional and helpful. When I had ants they come out right away to spray! Since then  I use Bugs A to Z on a regular basis!

    thumb Elizabeth V.

      I hate bugs and spray my home inside and out every six months.  To my surprise -some how we ended up w a german roach issue.  Nothing over the counter worked. Even the ones that said they worked on small roaches.  I finally gave in and called Bugs A to Z.  I waited to write the review b/c i wanted to make sure they were gone.  Its now 3 months since we were sprayed and we are still clear.   Any bug issues, call these guys. No high pressure sales and they get the Job done.

    thumb Nita G.

      I recently had a terrible flee infestation and was going crazy. Thankfully, I called Bugs A to Z and was able to get an appointment right away. Javier came to my rescue. He explained the whole process and was a true professional. The products used were very affective and worked right away. We have not seen any flees since.

    thumb Shoushig K.

      What do you look for in a business for major services? Well, these are what we want and got: reliable, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and of course successful work done aka pests gone. We utilized their services for spiders and for bees.

    Say "hasta la vista" (see ya later) to those critters in your home- that is, if ya call Bugs A to Z.

    thumb Julie L.

      So weird. I totally remember writing a review of this place, but alas, I do not see it here.

    Ah well, I am afraid I'm mostly going to repeat what has already been said: these guys are top notch. The best part is they are kind, the 2nd best part is what they do to your house works without question.

    We had ant and cricket issues. The crickets were in the ceiling (imagine that at night), and the ants were in the kitchen completely overwhelming anything that appeared a plate in need of cleaning.

    Bugs A to Z treatment of our house wasn't just an improvement; it was a complete decimation of the problem. Combine that with the ethics of their environmentally friendly products, and the decision to use them is very very easy.

    Highly recommend.

    thumb Chance H.

      Howard was the consummate professional. He came out to take a look at the area we were having trouble with and gave us some options, but ultimately suggested we try a fix that we could do ourselves that wouldn't make him a dime. He was honest & forthright and at no point did he try to hard sell us products or services. He detailed what he could do if the problem persisted and gave us his card. Luckily, his suggestion worked and we did not have to pay for any additional services, but I will be keeping his card handy and he will definitely be my first call should we run into any further pest issues.

    thumb Trevor R.

      This is a great company--one that you can trust and rely on--they arrive as quickly as possible and come back when they say they will. And, they are caring and compassionate. What more can you ask? Joe came out and helped with outdoor ant problem and garage full of spiders and who know what other insects! Then, six months later Javier came and confirmed the fleas that were outside and moving indoors fast! We could see them hopping around! We had to move my 98 year old bedridden father out of the house along with his recliner in order to tackle the fleas inside the house. Javier was so wonderful and caring and patient. And, no more fleas!!
    Thanks, guys!

    thumb Anita G.