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10 Tips To Keep Ants Out of Your Woodland Hills Home

One of the most common household pests Woodland Hills homeowners encounter is ants. While you may overlook a few ants lurking around your home and think they are harmless, there is a high probability there are more nearby.  

Why Do I Have Ants

It is vital to know what attracts ants to avoid these pests in your home. Ants typically enter a property in search of food and water. 

Ants prefer sugary food, but ants are also attracted to salty foods. Likewise, ants need water to survive, so areas with excess moisture are an attractant. Some of the most common spots for ant activity include:

  • Around kitchen appliances
  • Basement and attic
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Food storage
  • Garbage bins
  • Pet food bowls

High humidity from water sources like plumbing leaks, birdbaths, and overwatered plants will attract ants to your home.

The Ant Problem

While ants may seem less scary than rodents or mice, an invasion brings several problems. For people with severe allergies, ant infestations may cause allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, requiring immediate medical help. 

10 Useful Tips To Keep Ants Out

The following are some prevention tips to kill ants and deter them from entering your Woodland Hills home:

1. Address Moisture Issues

Damp areas of the home and those with moisture are particularly attractive to ants as they need water to survive. 

Repair plumbing leaks and clear your gutters to remove any obstructions leading to improper drainage. Installing dehumidifiers in areas with high moisture is a great idea to address moisture issues. 

2. Eliminate Potential Access Points

Check your home’s foundation and seal any cracks and crevices, gaps, or holes using caulk. Install door sweeps and weather stripping to fill small gaps or spaces around doors and window frames.

3. Get Rid of Ant Trails

Ants follow a scent trail left by other ants. Spray a water and vinegar solution around the area where you spotted the ants to deter other ants. 

4. Keep a Clean Home and Yard

A clean house is perhaps the best line of defense against these pests. Sweep and mop floors regularly while maintaining your yard by trimming trees, shrubbery, bushes, and vegetation that may act as a bridge for ants to enter the home. 

5. Practice Good Sanitation

Wipe food crumbs and spills using a disinfectant, store food in airtight containers, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, and lift up pet bowls. This eliminates food sources, making it less likely ants will invade your home.

6. Proper Waste Management

Diligently empty your trash bins and seal the garbage containers using a tight-fitting lid to prevent access.

7. Refrain From DIYs

DIY methods often only provide temporary relief. Some non-professional elimination techniques and baits may worsen the issue. 

8. Set Up Bait Traps

Bait traps contain food and insecticides to attract ants. Ants eat the bait and take it back to the nest, ultimately killing other ants.

9. Try Natural Ant Repellents

Natural repellant can be an excellent solution to get rid of ants quickly and cost-effectively. Using white vinegar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, cloves, or garlic in the area with the highest ant activity can help deter ants and keep them out of your home.

10. Hire Professionals

The most guaranteed method of eliminating ants is to hire a professional ant exterminator. Experience combined with the right tools will free your home of ants for good.

Keep Ants Out With Bugs A to Z

If ants are taking over your home, contact a professional pest control service right away. From proper identification to complete ant colony elimination, Bugs A to Z can take care of your ant problem while administering preventative measures to keep them from returning. Whatever your pest problem is, Bugs A to Z is the one to call!