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Are Roof Rats a Problem for Canoga Park Homeowners?

Roof rats are black rats that take shelter in high places, like your attic. If you’re wondering, “Are roof rats a problem for homeowners?” you should know that they’re nocturnal. That means the creatures are active at night and can disrupt your family’s sleep.

Residents in the Los Angeles area worry about roof rats getting inside their homes and causing damage. Continue reading to learn more about how roof rats are a problem for Canoga Park homeowners.

What Are Roof Rats?

If you hear rustling in your attic, you might have a roof rat infestation. Roof rats get their name because they prefer to live high in buildings, usually in the attic or roof. They love to climb and sneak in small cracks you might not notice from ground level. Once they’re in your home, they’ll reproduce quickly, making the problem exponentially more serious in a short time.

Roof rats live in attics because they prefer warm environments. Since Canoga Park stays warm year-round, this area is a haven for roof rats.

Why Are Roof Rats a Problem?

Roof rats are a problem because they transfer bacteria and can make your family sick. Their droppings and saliva are health risks that can transmit diseases such as:

  • Hantavirus
  • Rat bite fever
  • Salmonella
  • Tularemia

Allergens from the rats’ fur can also trigger reactions and attacks in people with asthma.

A roof rat infestation can bring an unpleasant odor into your home. They might die in the walls and decay. They’ll also get into your food sources and leave behind droppings, making your family ill.

Roof rats may bite you if you approach them, and they can also chew through pipes and insulation in your home. If they bite into electrical wiring, they can cause a fire. Having roof rats in your home is a severe safety hazard.

You’ll know you have a roof rat infestation if you see one, dead or alive. You can also look for droppings, teeth marks, or damaged wiring and insulation.

Effective Roof Rat Prevention Tips

Rodent control is crucial for Canoga Park homeowners because you must find the entry point. They can squeeze through small cracks you might not detect on your own. They can also climb up onto your roof and enter through the chimney. Use a roof cap to allow smoke out without letting critters inside.

Leaks are also a way roof rats can enter your home. They’re drawn to water and will force themselves into a small opening to find shelter near the water source. Anything larger than a quarter is enough space for a roof rat to squeeze through. You can caulk these openings to protect your home’s interior.

If you know the items that attract roof rats, you can eliminate them to better prevent an infestation. They’re drawn to food and water, so keeping your food packed up and your home dry can help make it seem like an inhospitable environment. 

If you have fruit trees or a garden on your Canoga Park property, ensure you remove the food as soon as possible. Roof rats will come to your yard if there is fruit on the ground. They’ll also get into your garbage can if you leave it uncovered. By making your surrounding property less appealing to roof rats, you’ll prevent them from coming inside your home.

Roof rats can hide in piles of clothing and junk, so keep your home’s interior free of clutter. This approach prevents the rats from finding nesting places in your house.

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

You can use traps in your home, including snap, electronic, and humane traps. You can also try ultrasonic mouse repellers, which use noise to scare the rats away.

If that approach isn’t working, Contact Bugs A to Z for professional pest control services. With years of experience in Southern California, we understand the critters of the area and use safe methods to rid your home of unwanted visitors.