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Cricket Pest Control

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When you have crickets in or around your home, it not only keeps you up at night but can also attract other pests to your property. Fortunately, the expert exterminators at Bugs A to Z can help. Our team will perform a thorough inspection to figure out where the crickets are, what they’re feeding on, and create a customized plan to eliminate them quickly. For prompt cricket control that’s guaranteed, reach out to Bugs A to Z today!  

What Are Crickets?

House and Field Crickets are two very common Southern California crickets that we encounter at Bugs A to Z. House Crickets usually range from 16-22mm and are the ones that sneak into your house and keep you up at night. Field Crickets, on the other hand, can grow much larger with adults reaching nearly 2.5cm in length. In Southern California, we also encounter a less common cricket named the Ground Cricket. These crickets are usually smaller and light brown in color. 

Crickets like to eat a variety of food including crops, plant and animal materials, and seedlings. With such an expansive diet, crickets and survive and thrive in many places – quickly growing into a full infestation. Another issue that comes with having crickets in your house or on your property is that they’re a favorite food for many other pests. Rodents, lizards, and birds will all feed on crickets which can also create secondary pest control problems for you.

No matter which type of cricket you have in your house or on your property, we can help with fast, safe, and effective cricket treatments that eliminate the crickets and keep them from coming back.

Are Crickets Dangerous?

Crickets are not known to be dangerous but they can be problematic for homeowners. Being that they are a food source for other pests, they can attract rats, bats, mice, and lizards to your property turning a simple cricket problem into a massive infestation that’s not nearly as easy to handle. Crickets prefer to live outdoors but can get into your home through windows, doors, cracks, and any general gap large enough for them to enter. This is one reason that it’s a good idea to make sure you have door sweeps and weather stripping installed around your home. 

With Bugs A to Z, we can examine your property carefully to determine how they’re getting into your house, what they’re feeding on, and create a comprehensive pest control plan to eliminate the crickets before they get out of control.

How Did I Get Crickets?

Crickets are small insects so they can make their way into your home through any crack or crevice large enough for them to enter. One reason that crickets will enter your house is that outdoor lighting attracts them to your property. Once they’re in your yard, they get drawn to the light like a moth to a flame and can easily make their way into your home. A great way to avoid attracting crickets and other pests is to use dimmer, yellow lighting around your home.

Additionally, make sure to install door sweeps so that crickets can’t enter under gaps in your door. You can also place sticky traps around your home and in your garage as well as remove clutter that could serve as a hiding place for crickets.

Get Rid Of Crickets Once & For All

At Bugs A to Z, we treat homes and businesses throughout Southern California for crickets nearly every day. These invasive creatures can keep you up at night, attract other pests to your property, and drive you crazy. Fortunately, we are experts in cricket pest control. Our team of pest technicians is highly experienced, trained, and has the tools needed to ensure that your cricket problem is taken care of quickly and effectively. Reach out to Bugs A to Z today and we’ll handle the rest.  

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