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Damage That Rats Cause to Santa Monica Homes

Rats are common household pets in the U.S. While some people may find them cute creatures with their adorable sprays of whiskers and furry appearance, the fact remains that rodents do not have any space in your home. 

These witty animals are a significant threat to your home and health. From constantly gnawing on valuable items and compromising the structure of your beloved home to carrying a range of diseases and infections, rats can wreak havoc on your life if left uncontrolled.

To help you determine the extent of destruction these pesky critters bring, we will discuss some common damages that rats cause to Santa Monica homes. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are the Damages That Rats Cause?

Rats can cause significant harm to your home in little time. The most significant threat comes from their constant gnawing habit to keep their front incisors in check, which can ultimately result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of repairs. 

Some major dangers associated with these pests include:

Nest Building

Rats will construct nests in dark hidden areas of the home to rear their pups. To do so, these rodents will shred numerous materials they can sink their teeth into, including but not limited to paper, wool, fabric, plastic, wood, organic matter, etc. That means that various items in your home are at risk of damage, including clothes, insulation, important paper items, and more. 

Food Damage

There is nothing better than inviting a rat toward your home than food. While rats have preferences regarding which foods they love to consume the most, they are not picky eaters.

Accordingly, these pests will not hesitate to sink their teeth into any available food source not stored properly. 

That implies that rats will not think twice about chewing through food packaging and going to lengths to munch down what’s available, such as in your pantry or dining table.

Fluids and Waste

It is common to find rat feces and urine around your home when an infestation occurs. 

Rat droppings will not only result in a foul musty odor throughout your home but also serve as a serious threat to your and your family’s health, such as by contaminating food sources and triggering allergies.

Other Threats Cause by Rats in Santa Monica Homes

Some other dangers a rat infestation brings to your home include:

Dangerous Diseases to Humans

As mentioned earlier, rats are vectors for several life-threatening diseases and viruses, including hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, rat bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonella, murine typhus, and Weil’s disease. 

These diseases can be transmitted to humans by coming in contact with their urine, feces, or saliva or by eating food contaminated by them, making rats a significant health threat. 

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are most commonly associated with pets like cats and dogs. These pets are often the source of parasites spreading in your household.

However, it is also possible for rats like the roof rat to attract these bloodsuckers, exposing you to a flea infestation.

How to Prevent Damages Caused by Rats

Various methods can help eradicate a rat infestation in your home, including eliminating common attractions and using baits and natural remedies like baking soda. However, DIY techniques often fail to work, which is when the best course of action is to approach a professional pest control company to get the job done. 

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