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Everyday Things That Attract Rats to Canoga Park Home

Rats are an invasive species that like to take shelter in our homes. Unsightly damage and unwanted presence are two ways to describe the feeling of having rats in your home. Not to mention the fact that they often carry diseases, so it’s natural to want to find a way to get rid of them. 

Canoga Park homes could easily be a prime location for rats to take shelter without even knowing it. Your home may be attractive to rats for various reasons. 

Rats invade Canoga Park homes in search of food, shelter, and other basic needs, so knowing and understanding everyday things that attract rats will help keep your home safe from a rodent invasion. 

What Are Some Everyday Things That Attract Rats

Rats don’t enjoy being around humans, so when they invade your home, it’s for no other reason than to survive. They need food, shelter, and nesting materials in order to survive and will go to great lengths to gain access to those things. 

Access Points to Your Home

One undeniable thing you can do which can result in a rat infestation is to have clear, open access points to your home. Large cracks and crevices in and around your doors and windows, holes in the floor, and large openings in the basement or attack area are all common ways for rats to access your home. 


If rats find food that traces back to your home, you can bet your bottom dollar they will be there and ready to feast. Leaving food out on the counter overnight, or laying around outside, are all things you may be doing that attract rats to your home. 


Another thing to consider when exploring everyday things that attract rats is shelter. Rats are squatters, they find a place that’s warm and dry and make it home. If they see your home is open and able to provide them with shelter, they are going to take advantage of that free shelter. The only way to prevent them from seeking shelter in your home is to address the access points to your home to keep them out. 

Trash Cans

Rats are attracted to trash. The main reason is that trash often has food remnants in it for them to eat. So if you’re trying to avoid attracting rats, be sure to close the lids to your trash cans outside and always keep them covered. 

Outdoor Pet Feeders

I know you love to see the deer roaming in your yard, or the birds flying about your window, but outdoor pet feeders are a source of food for the rats and will attract them to your home. If you do have outdoor wildlife feeders, just be sure to keep them up high where the rats can’t easily reach. 

How to Get Rid of Rats

There are many different methods for eliminating rats in your home, the way you choose to use depends on what you feel comfortable with. Some of the most popular ways to manage rats in and around your home include:

  1. Electronic Traps
  2. Sticky Traps
  3. Ultrasonic Repellants
  4. Essential Oils
  5. Having an outdoor/indoor cat

Call Bugs A to Z at the First Sign of Rat Infestation

Rats multiply quickly, so contact a pest control professional at the first sign of infestation. Rat droppings and bite marks on food that have been left out are two telltale signs that you have a rat infestation. If you notice these signs in your Canoga park home, call Bugs A to Z right away and receive your free consultation.