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Integrated Pest Management


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Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Green Pest Control That's Better For You, Your Family & The Environment

Integrated Pest Management is available using natural and botanical products. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by offering organic, non-chemical-based, low toxic, and pet-friendly solutions for your pest needs. 

These methods can be implemented in schools, offices, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens and are designed to work on all accounts.

IPM is done by: 

  1. Using non-chemical control measures where appropriate and effective.
  2. Using materials that are low in toxicity.
  3. Properly identifying the pest, its biology, and habits.
  4. Modifying habitats to remove conditions conducive to the presence of pests.
  5. We use exclusion techniques to prevent the pest from entering your property.

What Is IPM?

When it comes to pest control, there are multiple methods that work. In fact, Integrated Pest Control (IPM) uses four proven levers that work together to control pests naturally and safely for both the short and long term. IPM may also include repairing caulking, cracks, screens, and taking other steps to ensure that pests can’t make their way into your house. This helps to reduce the need for chemicals and is better for the environment.

How IPM Works

There are four key components to an effective integrated pest management strategy. 


The biological aspect of controlling pests involves things like competing plants and animals that help to control the pests you don’t want. We don’t plant for you but we can advise you on the best species for So-Cal homes.


Pests are always in search of three things: Food, water, and shelter. We advise you on hidden sources of these items that you may not expect as well as some of the more common ones. These include proper trash disposal and containment, watering habits, and other best practices to ensure that your home isn’t providing resources for insects and rodents.


The mechanical aspect of integrated pest management is something you’re likely a little more familiar with. These include things like rodent traps, for example, which target a pest and physically remove it from your property.


While chemicals are still used in IPM, the previous three steps allow us to use fewer chemicals and take a more targeted approach to protect your home and family. Our approach is to use the minimum amount of chemicals necessary to remove the pest problem and protect your home from future pests.

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