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Keeping Indoor & Outdoor Spaces Clean to Avoid Rats in Woodland Hills Homes

Rats are troublesome creatures that can bring a range of problems once they infest your home. 

These pests can cause severe damage to your property in a short time due to their constant gnawing tendency on household items, including furniture, insulation, and at worse, electrical wiring.

As these unwelcome guests like to sink their teeth into virtually everything, there is also a risk of diseases these rodents can spread by contaminating your food sources. Rodents are vectors for several life-threatening diseases, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, and salmonella.

Accordingly, it is vital to be proactive and stop a potential infestation in its tracks before things spiral out of control. So, how to avoid rats in your Woodland Hill home? This article will discuss some effective tips to keep these pests at bay for good!


Rats are resilient creatures that can thrive anywhere. Accordingly, it is crucial to make your indoor space less inviting to these critters by removing some primary attractants that draw them to your home. The following are some ways to get rid of rats inside your home:

Practice Good Cleanliness

No home is more appealing to rats than one with readily available food sources. The primary preventive measure is to eliminate access to any food source. 

That means you must avoid leaving food out in the open, clean up spills and crumbs timely, and not leave dishes in the sink overnight. Store all leftover edibles in the refrigerator and airtight containers. Regularly wipe down kitchen countertops and appliances with a disinfectant to remove sticky residue.

Rats are also notorious for scavenging, rendering it indispensable to ensure that your garbage cans are sealed with tight-fitting lids to prevent access.

Tidy Up

Rats seek safe hiding spots inside the house to nest and breed. Eliminating clutter helps prevent rats from seeking shelter inside your home. Remove stacks of forgotten items like cardboard, newspapers, books, magazines, and boxes from the garage and other storage areas like closets. 

Seal Entry Points

It only takes tiny cracks and crannies for rodents to squeeze their way into your home with their long and flexible bodies. 

Accordingly, inspect your home to seal all gaps, holes, and cracks in the exterior that might be possible entry points with rodent-proofing materials, including spaces under the door or around the windows.

Eliminate Current Rodents

If you suspect rats inside your house, you can try eliminating them using traps and bait. Live mice traps allow you to capture rodents alive by causing extensive suffering or killing them. Placing bait stations along high-activity areas is also a viable way to kill rats. 

Get a Cat

Cats are natural rodent deterrents. Picking up a furry friend from your local animal shelter can help keep rodents away from your home due to a certain chemical they emit which repels rodents away with its pungent odor.


Several attractants can draw rats toward your yard. By keeping a few rat control tips in mind, you can prevent these pests out and away from your property.

Clean Up

As mentioned, rats love to invade homes that provide a safe hiding spot. Maintain your yard by keeping it clean and clutter-free. Trim down overgrown bushes and shrubbery and mow grass regularly to eliminate spots for rats to hide and nest. 

Remove Food Sources

Since rats are mainly attracted to food, get rid of outdoor food sources like bird feeders and pick up any dropped fruit from the ground regularly if you have fruit trees. Also, ensure no pet food bowls are left outside and store pet food in rodent-proof bins.

Build a Barrier

A 2-3 -feet-wide barrier made of cement can prevent these pests from burrowing under your foundation.

As experienced pest control professionals, we possess the skills and expertise to manage rodent infestations using concrete measures. Call us today to reclaim your space and make your home rodent-free for the time to come!

Bid Farewell to Your Rat Problem Now!

A widespread rodent infestation can wreak havoc on your home. Accordingly, recognizing the early signs of a rat problem and calling the pros can save you from lots of hassle and headaches down the road.

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