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Moth Pest Control Services

Never Deal With Moths in Your Pantry or Closet Again

Moths can be seen flying around your home. If you see moths in the kitchen and larvae on the edge of the kitchen ceiling wall, most likely there’s an infestation of Indian Meal Moths. Indian Meal Moths infest dry foods such as flour, rice, pasta, spices, and bird food. The most important step is to find the infested items and get rid of them. Cleaning the area with soap and water and vacuuming definitely helps. Bugs A to Z provides moth control services, we use traps and if needed we will spray and fog the entire kitchen.

Clothing moths can be seen flying around the bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Clothing moths are golden in color and are slightly smaller than Indian meal moths. Clothing moths can and will infest wool rugs.

They can cause lots of damage to these items. Treatment requires the removal of all clothing from the infested bedroom/closet and spraying/fogging the room.

Are Moths Dangerous?

Moths are not dangerous and do not bite or sting. However, they can cause damage to your clothing, linens, and even contaminate food sources in your pantry. The best thing to do if you have moths in your house is to call a professional pest control company. At Bugs A to Z, we are very familiar with moths in Southern California. We use safe and effective practices to quickly eliminate the moth problem and restore your home to a moth-free zone. 

Signs Of a Moth Infestation

If you see any of the below signs around your home, call Bugs A to Z: 

  • Holes in your clothes
  • Dead moths in lights
  • Seeing moths in your house
  • Moths or their larvae on carpet or in pantry
  • Silken tunnels on clothes or linens
  • Webs in the corners of your pantry

These are just a few of the very common signs that you likely have a moth infestation in your home. A professional will be able to identify some of the more subtle signs. If you see any of the above, reach out to Bugs A to Z today and schedule an inspection. 

How Do Moths Get Into Your Home?

Chances are that you have moths outside of your home already. They’re attracted to porch lights and can make their way into your house if doors or windows are left open or if you have holes in your window screens. Moths such as pantry moths and Indian meal moths are attracted to dry food sources such as oats, grain, etc. so you may find them in your pantry (they’re also commonly referred to as “pantry moths”).

Once indoors, moths can make their way to a few vulnerable areas including your closet, pantry, and you may even find them dead in your lights. If you do find moths in your house, reach out to a professional. While they’re not a dangerous pest, they can damage your clothing, contaminate food, and lay eggs in your home.

Never Deal With Moths in Your Pantry or Closet Again

At Bugs A to Z, we offer comprehensive moth pest control solutions. We start with a thorough inspection to find all areas with moth infestations. We then target these areas with safe, long-lasting treatments that eliminate moths in all life stages including eggs and larvae. Give us a call now for a free, instant quote. 

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