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Spider Control In Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Let Bugs A to Z Protect Your Home From Spiders

Spiders are an exceptionally common problem for Southern California homeowners. They like to hang out near porch lights, in sheds and garages, and anywhere else they’re likely to get a meal. Unfortunately, they can sometimes make their way into your house and be quite a scary surprise. 

While most spiders are not dangerous, if you’re not versed in the types, all spiders can appear threatening. And regardless of whether or not the spider is dangerous, you probably still don’t want it in your home. At bugs A to Z, we can help with a wide variety of pests including spiders. We can exterminate existing spider problems as well as place invisible barriers around your home to ensure that spiders and other unwanted insects don’t make their way back into your home.

Our expert technicians take spider pest control services seriously. When you call us for spider control, we will send a trained technician out to your home to perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior. Your technician will find any possible nesting sites, figure out how they’re entering your home, and create a comprehensive yet affordable pest control plan to ensure that your family is protected. 

As with all of our pest control solutions, you are covered by our 100% percent satisfaction guarantee. If you see spiders come back in between scheduled visits or during your coverage window after a one-time service, we will come back again at no additional cost to handle the problem. Reach out to the team you can trust at Bugs A to Z today to schedule your service.

Common Spiders In Southern California

There are dozens and maybe even hundreds of spiders in southern California. Fortunately, you don’t see most of them very often. But there are a few varieties that we commonly encounter around Southern California homes and businesses. Those include: 

  • Black Widow: The black widow is a notorious spider. It’s known to be very poisonous and recognizable by the red or orange hourglass on its abdomen. These spiders generally nest lower to the ground and are common in garages and sheds. Black widows should be taken seriously and professional pest control should be employed if any are seen around your property.
  • Brown Recluse: Like the black widow, brown recluses are also poisonous spiders that should be handled with professional pest control. They’re recognizable by their brown color and the violin-shaped marking on their cephalothorax. These spiders are especially dangerous for kids so hire a pest control company if you see them. 
  • House Spider: The American house spider, while not poisonous, may bite when threatened. Their bites can cause some itching and swelling in sensitive individuals but generally, they are not dangerous spiders. You will often find them building their webs in the high corners of your home, garages, and sheds.
  • Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are one of the most intimidating-looking spiders that we have in Southern California but they are generally harmless. They like to nest in burrows and hunt for their prey. You will often find them around the edges of your yard, in your garden, and sometimes they will make their way into your house.

No matter what type of spider you have around your home or business, the trained and experienced professionals at Bugs A to Z can help. Reach out today for guaranteed one-time service or year-round pest management that protects your family and home from all of the most common pests in Southern California.

Partner With The Spider Control Experts

The highly experienced team at Bugs A to Z can handle all of your pest control needs including spider control. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and have the knowledge needed to treat and prevent pest invasions from becoming a problem for your home. With every service, we go the extra mile with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If spiders return within your service window, we will come back and treat the problem at no additional cost to you. For pest control that you can depend on, reach out to the expert team at Bugs A to Z today. 

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