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What Attracts Ants to Canoga Park Businesses & How to Handle Them

Like all other insects or living organisms, ants have a crucial ecological role, such as aerating the soil, feeding on dead animals, and acting as decomposers. However, these critters serve no purpose in your office other than being a nuisance and an unpleasant sight. 

Not only this, but when these pests linger in or around your kitchen, they can contaminate your food. As they harbor disease-causing pathogens, consuming food that has come in contact with ants can put your health at risk. Lastly, some ant species might sting if threatened, leading to itchy welts or a burning sensation on the skin. 

Accordingly, it makes sense to keep these creepy crawlers away from your business, and the best way to do so is by eliminating the main attractions. Read on to learn more about what attracts these pests to your Canoga Park business and other ways to keep them at bay!

Why Do You Have Ants in Your Canoga Park Business?

As tiny creatures, ants can enter your office building through the smallest spaces and establish a colony. Some of the most common entry points to your business might include: 

  • Holes, gaps, or cracks in the exterior
  • Gaps under the door
  • Gaps and cracks in the flooring
  • Poorly sealed or open windows
  • Travel pathways along pipes
  • Gaps around utility lines

Sealing these potential access points using materials like caulk and wire mesh can help bring down the ant population in your business. But detecting all access points can be challenging, and the best approach to prevent an ant invasion comes down to eliminating what attracts them to your space.

What Attract Ants to Businesses?

The following are the most things that draw ants toward your office:

Food Debris

Ants love to scavenge on various foods, and any place with readily available food sources will attract them to it. Protein and fats are one of their favorites which they detect with their keen sense of scent.


No food attracts ants as sugar does. Ants especially savor sugary or sweet foods as they serve as a source of energy. Accordingly, ants will gather and feast on any food item that contains sugar, from spilled drops of juice or soft drinks on the floor to foods like candies, jellies, jams, sweet baked goods, etc.

Stagnant Water

Livin all living things, water is essential for ants to survive. A steady water source, such as plumbing leaks or humid or moist conditions, will serve as a welcome sign for ants, especially during dry and hot weather.

A Place to Nest

Ants are on the lookout for safe hiding places to build a nest. While they prefer to live outdoors, extreme weather conditions can drive them indoors for a warm and cozy spot to seek shelter.

Plants, Bushes, and Trees

Trim long tree branches, stems, or bushes along your building’s siding as they may be used as a bridge for ants to access your office.

How To Deal With Ants in Canoga Park Businesses

The following are some measures to battle an ant infestation effectively:

Get Rid of Potential Food Sources

Food, especially sugary substances, are highly appealing to ants, which makes it crucial to block access to food sources to keep ants at bay. Wipe down spills immediately, clean food preparation areas thoroughly, clean under the appliances, and store leftover food items and sugary treats in sealers containers.

Eliminate Water Sources

Ants seek water sources during hot weather. To make your business less enticing to these pests, remove standing water in or around your office building and get rid of moisture by fixing plumbing leaks and installing a dehumidifier in areas with high humidity, like the bathroom.

Consider Natural Deterrents

Some natural home remedies can work wonders to keep ants away. Many powerful scents can repel ants, including peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon, and vinegar.

Sprinkling borax and diatomaceous earth around areas where you see ant activity will help kill them as they come in contact with it.

Contact Expert Ant Exterminators

Often, DIY techniques to eliminate ants can be ineffective, particularly if the infestation is widespread. In that case, the best approach is to contact a professional pest control company that will suggest the perfect solution to eliminate the infestation and give you a pest-free office.

Give us a call today, and our team of highly skilled pest exterminators will take care of the problem for good!