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What Every Canoga Park Homeowner Needs to Know About Rats

Rats are disgusting rodents that leave droppings and urine while destroying property because of their aggressive behavior. Their annoying gnawing and squeaking noises make them a nuisance for homeowners in the Canoga Park area. 

If you suspect the pests have moved into your home, here’s what you need to know about rats.

What Do Rats Eat?

Rats eat everything. They are opportunistic omnivores with teeth that constantly grow, so they need to gnaw to slow the growth. To fulfill this need, they chew on everything in their paths, including carcasses, electrical wires, garbage, human food, and more. To get to the food, rats often pick up bacteria that contaminate people’s homes. 

Because they eat everything, homeowners need to keep their indoor and outdoor garbage cans tightly sealed. If you have pets, rats will devour their food, so put it away every night. You should also be certain the food in your cupboards is enclosed in rat-proof containers. They will chew through paper and plastic bags. 

Do Rats Bite People?

Rats attempt to stay away from humans, but since they live in the same areas, humans and rats do interact. If rats are cornered, they can become aggressive. When confronted, they will bite, and they can spread diseases like rat-bite fever. By the way, people can also catch rat-bite fever by ingesting food or drinks contaminated by rats. 

Rats will also bite pets. Fur babies can be infected through bites and by eating rat-contaminated food and water. 

Where Do Rats Hide?

Rats will live near their food and water source, ideally in a shelter that provides safety from predators. They are adaptable creatures who can burrow into the ground, often in key locations near wood piles, foundations, and other safe areas. Rat holes tend to be small – only two to four inches wide.

The pesky rodents can also climb trees so they can make their nests in elevated areas. Tree nests provide a safe place for rats to raise their young. It also gives them access to roofs and attics, where they can get into houses and find warm shelter and plenty of food. 

How Long Do Rats Live?

Homeowners with rat infestations often wonder how long the rats in their homes will live. Some species can live up to four years, while others live one to two years. Unfortunately, they can have several litters during that time, so the infestation only worsens as homeowners wait for the rats to die. 

Rat lifespans depend on where they live and what predators are around. For example, pet rats can live a long time. Wild rats die sooner because they have tougher living conditions.  

How To Keep Rats Out of Your Home

The best way to keep rats out of your home involves several preventative measures. Since rats can enter your house at the ground level and the tree line, seal your foundation, attic, and other potential entry points. 

Always clean up your kitchen and store your food properly. Keep your outdoor garbage cans away from your doors and garage, and put away your pet’s food every night. 
If you think you have rats in your home or your yard, call our team at Bugs A to Z for a free quote and a visit to your home for an inspection.