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What Foods Commonly Attract Ants to Canoga Park Homes?

When you spot an ant scurrying across your kitchen counter, have you ever wondered what it could possibly be looking for—at least, you were certain you vacuumed and cleaned up all the crumbs from your midnight snack. Right? 

Ants are adept scavengers, and quite resourceful. 

Different types of ants are attracted to different types of food based on nutritional needs, making it tricky to identify what is specifically drawing them into your home. 

What foods commonly attract ants to homes? 

Understanding the types of foods ants rely upon can help in deterring these unwelcome guests by eliminating them as a resource. 

For infestations you can seem to manage on your own, Bugs A to Z is here to help eliminate ants from your Canoga Park home. 

Types of Food That Attract Ants

Ants, similar to humans, require a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. They can find plenty of sources around your home—despite your diligent cleansing—to satisfy these needs and sustain themselves.

1. Carbohydrate-Rich Food

Ants love their carbs—maybe they’re not so different from us, after all? Food crumbs, like crackers, chips, pretzels, cereals, oats, bread, and even raw starch are on their favorites list.

2. Sweets

Ants have a notorious sweet tooth. They’re drawn to all sweet foods, from candies and juices to soda and syrup. You’ve probably noticed swarms of ants on a city sidewalk near someone’s dropped ice cream cone. 

Keeping sweets and candies in air-tight containers or cupboards is essential in making your home less enticing.

3. Grease, Fats, or Oil

Some ant species have a penchant for protein, particularly those from fatty or greasy foods. They are often attracted to the remnants of your meals, including fast food—and can scour for crumbs in something as innocuous as a fast food wrapper.

4. Protein

Not to be outdone by their carbohydrate-loving counterparts, some ants prefer meat and cheese. Foods such as lunch meat, cooked meat, and cheese can be irresistible to these protein-seeking ants. This may even include other, smaller insects or insect corpses hidden in the crevices of your kitchen or sunroom. 

5. Fungus

Some species of ants, like the leaf-cutter ant, feed on fungus. They carry leaves or grass back to their colonies, wait for the fungus to grow, and then feast on it. They’re sort of like farmers—providing themselves with a sustainable food source. 

6. Animal Carcasses

Ants are often considered “janitors of nature” due to their role in cleaning animal carcasses from the environment. They consume dead animal flesh, accelerating the decomposition process. This is another protein-rich food source for them.

7. Fruits

Fruits are another sweet treat that ants enjoy. 

They are especially attracted to overripe or “spoiled” fruit, such as apples, bananas, grapes, and melons. Ants are attracted to the high sugar content and the aroma of these fruits. They will inherently swarm to them if left out in the open.

8. Honeydew

Honeydew (not to be confused with the melon) is a sugary substance produced by some insects, such as aphids and scale insects, that feed on plant sap. Ants have a symbiotic relationship with these insects, protecting them from predators and harvesting their honeydew. 

Honeydew is a valuable food source for ants, especially in dry or cold seasons when other food sources are scarce.

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